How to show your Positive Attitude on a CV

We recently ran a survey on our social media:

When asked – “which is the most important factor you consider when recruiting?” – a survey of over 340 Hiring Managers reported:

Educational Qualifications      9%
Languages 3%
Industry Experience    43%
Candidate’s Attitude      45%




So, if attitude is so important – how do we demonstrate it on a CV?

(See here for how to recruit for a positive attitude)

What are the main strengths that employers look for?

Whilst every job and every employer is different, it is widely believed that candidates who possess the following attitude and strengths are the most sought after:

Commitment, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Adaptability, Accountability and Loyalty.

Research shows us that amongst customer facing staff, the majority of people who fail at their role is not down to lack of skills or experience but rather down to their ”attitude” towards customers/management.

Skills and experience are easy to demonstrate on a CV, however follow these top tips to prove to potential employers that you also have the attitude to positively impact their business.


Being ‘committed’ shows dedication and a feeling of responsibility in achieving company goals. Committed workers are the most likely to reach organisational and individual targets and are therefore very desirable for employers.

Showing that you have been involved in ‘side-projects’ or demonstrating relevant voluntary work or studying for vocational courses all shows that you have commitment in that field of work.


Never ever lie on your CV or make claims that you cannot back up. Of course, diplomacy is also important – so tactful honesty is best.

Rather than trying to claim all the credit for accomplishments, highlight where you have worked as part of a team. This demonstrates your honesty and lack of arrogance – but also the ability to be a team player.


Employers want to know that you will stay in your job and do your best. Show them that you are trustworthy by demonstrating how you have been reliable in your previous work, volunteering or studies. How you have progressed or been given extra responsibilities.

Never bad-mouth a previous employer, this will reflect very badly on you regardless of how justified it may be.


Showing an employer that you can be adaptable demonstrates how you will work to achieve the company goals regardless of your role or job title. Show your resilience by demonstrating times when you have faced roadblocks or unexpected challenges, your flexibility and ability to learn a new way of doing things.


Employers want to know that you will take ownership of your projects and take responsibility when things aren’t going to plan. This is a difficult one to demonstrate on your CV without sharing any negative examples. Try to highlight your problem-solving skills, that you made a commitment to do something and delivered on it – this can be an extra area you studied or an interest/volunteer position.


The norm in the business world has changed—it is unusual employees staying in one company for the entirety of their careers anymore. Loyalty has taken on some new definitions however, you can still demonstrate how loyal you are.

Make sure to list those extra activities that you actively participated in, especially if you took on a leadership role. Make it clear in your job duties that you took on new projects—and hopefully, how doing so, you improved the bottom line. Emphasise the fact that while you enjoyed working for your former employer, you are looking for a new place to commit yourself to, and develop your career.

Something worth noting here is ensure that you only apply for jobs that you have relevant experience/skills or interest in. A positive attitude alone will not get you a job that clearly states certain minimum criteria. In fact, consistently applying for jobs that you are not suitable for highlights the wrong kind of attitude to potential employers.

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