Q&A Time: What Happens After I Send My CV?


What happens after I send my CV? What is the usual process?


Sometimes when applicants apply for a job, we know that it can feel a bit like they’ve been sent to the bottom of a pile like this!

  • For each vacancy we advertise we receive on average 1000-2000 CVs. However, every single CV is assessed against the client’s criteria. Just because a candidate may not be suitable for this specific role – their CV remains on the database for all Inspire Selection consultants to shortlist for other roles.
  • We create a long list of those who we believe on paper meet the criteria the most. We of course consult our own database and existing network, along with the new applications received online.  This initial screening process can take a few days to filter to a long-list of around 15-20 candidates. 
  • We then contact each new applicant on the phone to enquire more about their experience and discuss the role with them. We then filter the list down further, based on the candidates’ responses to our questions, and how we feel they would fit into our client’s company.
  • A follow up meeting with new candidates then takes place, face to face if possible, otherwise by video call. During this meeting, we ask our candidates reasons for leaving their roles, what their future aspirations may be, and most importantly, we use our judgment to assess personality fit.  Usually when we shortlist our top 5 candidates, we already know they are capable of undertaking the job – the client just has to select the person who best fits their culture and team.
  • On the basis of those conversations, we send our shortlist to our client, which takes the form of an introductory, brief synopsis on each candidate and their CV. Typically we send 4-5 CVs for each role – but this depends on the role, client and available candidates. Clients will then come back to us with any comments – sometimes this can be a list of those they wish to interview – sometimes we need to revisit our shortlist if their requirements have changed. At this stage we normally schedule interviews. As this is the first time the candidate is meeting the prospective employer we ensure that each candidate is well briefed and prepared – see here for interview tips.

When a client is ready to make an offer, we negotiate the offer and guide the candidate through the resignation and onboarding process. 

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