Stand out in a competitive marketplace with personal PR

Six seconds is the average time employers spend reading a CV.

And during these competitive times, ticking all the boxes your previous job required is far from enough. People are seeking more value – whether it’s from brands on social media or from an employee in the workplace.

Sure, you could be a volunteer at the weekends and an expert at what you do. But as the internet gets noisier, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. The only thing standing between you and an interview at your dream company could be your online presence. That’s where personal PR comes into the picture. By strategically curating your strengths and expertise, your digital presence speaks for itself, and complements your power-packed CV.

So, what is personal PR? It’s a way to keep yourself at the top of your audience’s mind. It doesn’t just apply to landing a dream job, it could also bring you incredible speaking opportunities and brand collaborations.

If you’re setting up your personal PR from the grassroots, here are some questions that can help send your personal brand soaring off the ground.

Bridging the gap between your workplace identity and the one stored away for the weekends can seem like a challenge. But with a few pointers, you can assess whether you’re walking the right path on the personal PR path.

 What do people find when they look you up on the internet?

 You don’t have to create a profound presence on all social media platforms. Choose the ones that are most appropriate to the industry you work in and the industries you want to grow in. The answer’s not always LinkedIn, it could even be Facebook or TikTok. The next step is to make your presence known and bring value to your online community. Engage with posts and comments, create conversations and drive them in a proactive direction.

Are you networking the right way?

 If you’re an avid mingler, you probably have “your network is your net worth” on a fridge magnet. It’s more than just a great quote, it’s true. Amid cold emails from brands that want some business to cold messages on LinkedIn from people that want to grab a quick coffee, staying at the forefront of people’s mind requires strategy. If you want to make the right impression on the right people, carve out some time to attend select networking events. Pair this with participating in online conversations and helping out members of your network to stay at the top of their mind, and on their speed dial list.

Do you know a lot about a niche subject?

 That’s a good start and an asset. Expertise in a niche area gives you a competitive edge, and you can leverage this edge by sharing your expertise. Position yourself as a niche expert and watch a crowd gather around you. Niche experts are increasingly being called “Thought Leaders” and are their industry’s go-to spokespeople for comments on complex topics.

Do you collaborate with digital platforms?

Being featured on the front page of a national newspaper may be one of your goals. And you can get there by starting small. Reach out to platforms that cover your industry – these could be blogs, social media pages, or podcasts – to get you started. Once your content begins to make waves, you can build a portfolio of contribution pieces and reach out to publications for a slice of their spotlight. You know what they say, knowledge is best when it’s shared.

This is a guest blog post by SOCIATE, a communications agency headquartered in Dubai. Visit our corner of the internet at to explore our PR, Marketing, social media, and content creation services.

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