You’ve Just Been Made Redundant, Now What?

Being made redundant can be an emotional time – it is difficult not to take it personally even though the reasons for redundancy are more often to do with the organisation than the individual

If you are unlucky enough to be faced with this stressful situation – follow our seven tips on dealing with redundancy

  1. DON’T PANIC – take some time to recover, but try to accept that this has happened, and you can move on from here
  2. GET UPDATED – rewrite your CV and update your Linkedin profile to contain relevant keywords follow our advice here and find a link to a free CV assessment here
  3. RESEARCH – go to the main job search sites,,,, LinkedIn jobs, google search and see what is on offer and who is recruiting. Network with old colleagues and contacts you never know where your next introduction could come from.
  4.  FIND A RECRUITER – only look at those who seem to be advertising your type of vacancy, recruiters often specialise in certain fields. Do not bother contacting those who specialise in other fields – it will waste your time and make you feel disheartened when they don’t reply.
  5. BUILD A RELATIONSHIP – once you find the perfect recruiter look them up on LinkedIn, invite them to be your contact, call their office, book a meeting.  If you cannot reach them, keep trying.  If you have the perfect experience for their vacancies, they will want to hear from you, so be persistent
  6.  BECOME AN EXPERT – research the market, potential organisations of interest and most importantly practice your interview technique. There is no point in getting to an interview, then letting yourself down due to lack of practice and preparation – see top tips here
  7. KEEP ACTIVE ONLINE – keep in touch with recruiters as often as THEY tell you to. Do not call every day, probably once every week is enough, depending on your level of seniority, but do keep in contact – recruiters see thousands of CVs a day – so help them to keep you front of mind.

Finally – stay positive and GOOD LUCK.

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