The Magic of Kindness

Today is World Kindness Day:

Everybody could do with some kindness at the moment and whilst the world has been stumbling to catch up through a global pandemic, we have been overwhelmed to see acts of kindness within our own circles.

None more so than the outpouring of generosity and assistance to our friend Neelam. Many of you will have read about Neelam and her son in this article,

Our post about it was shared over 500 times and we had numerous requests for her CV and unbelievable offers of help. We are thrilled to say that Neelam will be starting her new job as Finance Assistant in the very near future.

Neelam says: ‘I’m so delighted and overwhelmed at the offers of help, it is quite unbelievable just how kind people can be, I will never forget this.’

It pays to be kind – creating a culture of kindness

Acts of kindness are often shared and encouraged in people’s personal lives, but research has proven that leaders who show kindness in their workplace can make a positive impact on their companies’ bottom line.

Studies show that organisations with a culture of kindness, have employees with reduced stress and more job satisfaction (Fineman, 2000). Workplace compassion creates more loyalty, dedication, and employee engagement.

So, how do you create a ‘kind’ environment?

Small things can make a big difference:

  • Say ‘Thank you’ – and mean it!

Has someone done a good job? Show your gratitude by saying it out loud or better yet, send them an email they can reread when they need a little positivity. Consider letting senior people know too .

  • Give a compliment or two

A compliment can leave a lasting impressing on those on the receiving end and injects a little dose of feel-good. Try to focus on personal qualities or workplace achievements rather than appearance or outfits though.

  • Actively listen to your colleague

Giving your complete, intentional focus to what someone is saying, active listening can improve the rate of workplace performance and is key to strong workplace relationships and productivity.  And, as a bonus, you can make an employee feel respected by knowing they are being listened to.

  • Offer support

If a co-worker or employee is under pressure or going through a stressful period, offer to help ease their work-load, this doesn’t have to mean doing their work for them – help out with other tasks – or simply pick up some lunch for them.

  • Real face time

Of huge importance – now more than ever, make time to chat to colleagues in person. With more employees and teammates working remotely or on freelance contracts, making time for human connections can make such a difference.

Being kind, however, doesn’t need an instruction booklet, simple acts of kindness, could seem small to one individual yet huge to another. A Dubai-based businessman has, just this week, been singled out on social media for offering his tenant a rent-free period whilst they find a new job – something he felt able and happy to do. The grateful tenant has shared the story and encouraged people to visit the businessman’s restaurant as a gesture of thank. Within a day, sales footfall and orders have gone up hugely – simple yet compelling proof that kindness does indeed pay.

Happy World Kindness Day today and every day from everyone at Inspire Selection.

For more advice on how to bring kindness and compassion into the workforce, we’re happy to share this link with you – enjoy!



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