Inspire Selection Healthcare – Welcome Melissa Kostler

We are delighted to welcome Melissa Kostlerr to Inspire Selection | Recruitment Agency.

Melissa is a talented and experienced Healthcare recruiter and heads up Inspire Selection Healthcare Recruitment.

“The UAE government continues to heavily invest in both the private and government healthcare sector. There is a palpable and significant confidence in the UAE’s recovering and resilient healthcare market and the continuance of recruiting exceptional healthcare professionals, both from the local and international market, has never been more important. According to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce key developments like medical tourism will accelerate and attract international visitors to Dubai who are seeking treatment.

Healthcare expenditure will also likely see significant growth due to the much-needed return of elective procedures, following temporary suspension of these services due to Covid-19-related restrictions and the successful re-opening of the country’s borders. This continued investment, geared toward significant growth in both the private and government healthcare sector, is both exciting and comforting. Concepts like smart hospitals, driven by initiatives to future proof facilities by investing in state-of-the-art modernisation, exceptional telehealth services, protection and applied technologies, puts the UAE ahead of the game. “

Melissa Kostler June 2022

Melissa has over 14 years’ experience recruiting for some of the leading healthcare facilities based in the UAE and GCC. She is regarded to be the region’s leading clinical recruiter for both locally and internationally based physicians and allied health professionals.

Melissa holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Intervention (M.ECI) and she specifically prides herself on her clinical knowledge, passion for her work, strong work ethic, market expertise as well as her extensive candidate and client network.

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