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Inspire Selection is delighted to announce that Carolyn Ross has joined the agency to head up the Digital Recruitment Team. Carolyn has been recruiting in the Middle East since 2008 and therefore has a substantial understanding of the recruitment market specialising in eCommerce and Digital Marketing.

We talked to Carolyn about her view of the market and digital recruitment in the region.

A picture containing text, person, person Description automatically generated“The COVID pandemic has seen organisations needing to adapt from their traditional ways of working which has greatly increased the importance of ‘going digital’ and streamlining the way they do business, this has opened up many opportunities in the region for candidates with the right set of skills.”

Carolyn sees this trend continuing and that there will be a growth in this area amongst businesses and we are already seeing businesses change in their behaviours requiring a new talent base.

“Organisations who want to stay ahead of the game need to recruit and invest in digital skills and professionals over the next 12 months, or risk being left behind. “

However, Carolyn points out that this is not as easy as it sounds,

“The challenge is that the pool of talent in the region with really good digital skills is quite small, so organisations are finding that they need to utilise specialists to find and recruit the best people.”

We think that Carolyn is ideally placed to help organisations add to their digital team, recruiting for People with experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Sales, eCommerce and Digital Transformation. Her consultative approach to both clients and candidates makes her a trusted resourcing partner.

To set up a chat with Carolyn for a free consult on any recruiting requirements, choose an ideal time and date at

Carolyn Ross

Recruitment Manager

Inspire Selection



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